DHS Tondo Pepermolen

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Design House Stockholm Tondo. Pepermolen of kunst object gemaakt van marmer. Niet alleen mooi, maar ook functioneel.

  • Beschikbaar in Showroom: Ja
  • Designer: Jessika Källeskog
  • Kleur:  Grijs, Wit
  • Materiaal:  Marmer
  • Afmetingen: Base: 210x56x38 mm. Ring: 140x38mm
  • Gewicht: 1.900 gram
  • Website: (opent in nieuw venster)
  • Foto’s van: Design house Stockholm

A kitchen device used since ancient times. Looking back at history, Jessika Källeskog wanted to reshape tradition. She thought of a different form, a calmer motion. Tondo is both sculpture and tool. It’s something completely unique and yet very familiar.

But, maybe the most important part: Does it work? Yes, of course it works. We are thorough when we test our products. That’s why we know that when you grind, for instance black pepper, you can actually feel how the peppercorns are being grinded so you can fine adjust the coarseness. And Tondo is more than just a device for grinding herbs and spices: It will be the centrepiece of your kitchen, the hot topic at your dinner parties.