Small Oak Arco Side Table


Small Oak Arco Side Table


Trestles have a long history of bearing weight. From the logs of the forest industry to tool-laden workbenches in oily garages When Chuck was building houses, he started out by building sets of carpenter trestles. He made them strong, light and stackable. Afterwards when the houses were built, he got praise from people who claimed the trestles because of their quality. One day, he thought, I’m going to elevate the trestle design to an art form.


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The series was born in 2015 from an idea with classic trestles, which have played an important role in Design House Stockholm’s development of the Arco tables. It started with a desk, which then inspired a dining table, leading to these new additions to the family. The Arco series is now complete with practical tables sporting high or low trestle legs. The idea is simple and functional, building on Chuck Mack’s development of traditional carpenter’s trestles used by carpenters when adjusting the height of their working tables.

The tables are fitted with exceptional legs that can bear heavyweights in the same way as carpenter trestles. Just like their predecessors, the new models are easy to place and serve as neat little tables for your displays, plants, as a desk, or whatever you choose to use them for.

Designer: Chuck Mack
Colour: Black
Material: The trestles are made from stained solid wood and the benchtop is made from veneered MDF.
Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth.