La Chute Vase White


La Chute Vase White


Rosenthal La Chute vaas met een hoogte van 26 cm. Twee vazen smelten samen als was zonder hun vorm en contouren volledig te verliezen. De ander ziet er vrouwelijke vormen in.

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Merk: Rosenthal
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Following on from the Fast, Squall and Blown vase designs, La Chute captures the utopian concept of freezing a movement in time. Two vase bodies melt like wax without entirely losing their shape and contours. In a manner that is simple yet precise, the design explores not only the plasticity of materials at the point where space, time, and substance collide but also the concepts of creation and infinity.

Model: La Chute
Size: 26 cm
Material: Porcelain
Color: White
Brand: Rosenthal
Designer: Ragot, Cédric