Hyg Chair Swivel 5W Black


Hyg Chair Swivel 5W Black


Normann Copenhagen Bureaustoel Hyg met wieltjes en gaslift. Stoffen bekleding Mainline Flax 16, Kuip kuststof kleur Zwart

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Fashionable and trendy, colorful and lively, or classic and timeless. A chair adds a personal statement to its surroundings. Inspired by Scandinavian design traditions, where designs were thought to be evenly versatile, functional and aesthetic, we have designed a range of swivel chairs that elegantly fit into a modern office environment or around meeting – and dining room tables.

Copenhagen Hyg Chair Swivel
5 wheels
Front Mainline Flax 16
Shell colour: black

Materials: Shell: Polypropylen (PP) and PU-foam, Legs: Aluminium, Textile: Main Line Flax

Size H: 78/92 x L: 72,5 x D: 72,5 x SH: 38/52 cm

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Weight 10.8 kg


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