Fields Rug beige/pink/brown/blue 130cm


Fields Rug beige/pink/brown/blue 130cm


Fields kleed


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Dit Design House Stockholm Fields Rug is een wollen kleed van 130cm lang en 70cm breed in 4 kleuren uitgevoerd; Beige, Roze, Bruin, Blauw.
De randen zijn netjes afgewerkt met leer.

  • Beschikbaar in Showroom: Ja
  • Designer: Lena Bergström
  • Kleur: Beige, Roze, Bruin, Blauw
  • Materiaal: Wol, Lederen afwerkrand
  • Afmetingen: Lengte: 130 cm, Breedte : 70 cm
  • Gewicht:
  • Website: (opent in nieuw venster)
  • Foto’s van: Design house Stockholm

Lena Bergström has continued to work with the same mottled effect that she used in her Björk rugs and this time, too, she has found her inspiration in nature; endless fields that spread like a collage across the landscape in gentle colours. She has paid as much attention to the way in which the different coloured threads are interwoven and how the areas of different colours lie in relation to each other. And once again she has made use of leather edging. The Fields collection is based on a weft in wool, combined with details in leather. Wool is known not only for its softness, but also for its built-in resistance to soiling thanks to its natural oils. All Fields products are hand-woven pieces of handicraft, making every product unique.

Rugs made of 100% wool with leather edging.


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