Curved Pouf


Curved Pouf


De Kristina Dam Curved Pouf met kenmerkende strakke ronde vorm en gemaakt van licht bruin anilineleer


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De Kristina Dam Curved Pouf met kenmerkende strakke ronde vorm. De gebogen poef is gemaakt van exclusief licht bruin anilineleer en de afgeronde vorm van de poef en het opvallende ontwerp wekken onze fascinatie voor geometrie op. Waar u deze luxe poef ook plaatst, gegarandeerd dat de poef een warm, modern en verfijnd gevoel aan uw interieur toevoegt.

  • Beschikbaar in Showroom: Ja
  • Designer: Kristina Dam
  • Kleur: licht bruin
  • Materiaal: Aniline leder
  • Afmetingen:  Lengte: 42 cm,  Breedte 42 cm, Hoogte 42 cm
  • Website: (opent in nieuw venster)
  • Foto’s: Kristina Dam

Poufs are in themselves a graphic element built up around simple principles. The Curved Pouf is made of exclusive aniline leather and the rounded shape of the pouf and its distinct design triggers our fascination of geometry.

A modern blend of aesthetic elegance and casual comfort, the Curved Poufs emphasise a simple form which produces an organic expression. A soft and simple look and design. The pouf is made of the finest grey-brown aniline leather that creates an exclusive and durable seat. The pouf has an exclusive Danish / Scandinavian design with its clean rounded shape and graphic lines. The Curved Pouf can be used as an extension for your sofa, as an extra seat in your living room or as an ottoman. On the other hand you could also just use the pouf as an extraordinary decorative seat in your bedroom. Wherever you choose to place this luxurious pouf we guarantee that the curved pouf will add a warm, modern and sophisticated feel to your home interior.