It all started one night in January 2014. Mia and Torben Koed wanted to establish a new design brand. A design brand with high ambitions and high quality rooted in the Nordic design heritage. The result was WOUD and since then, Mia and Torben have not looked back. After the first furniture collection, WOUD has expanded the product portfolio with an extensive line of home accessories. The reception has been overwhelming – both in Denmark and abroad. Today, WOUD designs are sold in more than 21 countries and the number is increasing.

Building a brand from the bottom
Before founding WOUD, Mia and Torben Koed worked with production and sales of private label furniture. In January 2014, Mia and Torben both felt that it was time for a change. Mia and Torben wanted to build a brand that was their own and a brand that they could be really proud of. “We wanted to challenge ourselves professionally. Sourcing products for national and international chains of shops has been our everyday life for the past  30 years – but to build a brand from the bottom with furniture designs to a new customer segment, that was the challenge we chose” says Mia Koed, creative director.

Handpicked collection
WOUD collaborates with upcoming design talents and established designers from a wide range of countries. Each of the designers have a unique style – all with coherent modern interpretations of the Scandinavian design heritage. The designs and designers are handpicked to strengthen and share the vision of WOUD.
At WOUD, focus is on creating elegant and subtle products with attention to every detail. The WOUD-collection is based on simplicity, honesty and high quality. Each design is carefully considered and selected to fulfill the mission of creating long-lasting originals where every product has a meaning, a purpose and a function. In all designs, WOUD strives to add a touch of innovation while staying true to the simplicity whether it being in form, function or choice of material.


September 13, 2017
Accessoires, Furniture
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