ByON design is a Swedish brand based outside Gothenburg. We’re a part of the brand portfolio from ON interiör together with Vakinme,
Village, Victorian and Burn Cancer.

Playfulness and curiosity characterises us. Fantasy and realness drives us when we make artistic design
functional. Everything about ByOn says desirable and enticing. With this in mind, humbleness and personality
is something we keep close to heart, because it feels quite special to be part of someone’s home, to get the
opportunity to open up for all kinds of possibilities, and keep them coming …

Our base assortment is a complete selection of contemporary interior design with a classical touch.
It’s always available so you can easily add new pieces or complement and match with what you already have.
Our eye-catcher items bring something extra into your home. Large or small, these are trendy tangibles
with a twist and a lot of individuality, a fun and functional selection full of anticipation.

As always, we are drawn to differences in materials and how they relate to each other, hard meets soft,
humorous meets useful and strong meets weak. We look at all shapes with great interest but are a bit more
fascinated by the soft, round and friendly shapes. Shapes reminding us of strong affinity and joint responsibility
for the world around us.

It’s in the eye of the beholder, in the secrets hiding behind a shape or in
the story nobody dared to tell that we find our inspiration. Between reality and fantasy we create a home
together with you, growing with each season, having the courage to take larger and larger steps. With your
help we paint life in a home, small as well as large, and open the door to another season of possibilities …
you’re following us, right?

March 9, 2019
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